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IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Services for Enterprises and SMBs

Your IT infrastructure is at the very foundation of what makes up your organization’s operations and technical elements, including your networks, devices, and software. Both as a concept and put into practice, scalable and flexible IT infrastructure is needed to keep your business operating and growing at full capacity.

Customers of every kind expect an always-on mentality and their image of your organization can change rapidly with delays, website issues, and other problems within your IT infrastructure. No longer are single vendor IT infrastructure contracts the norm. The Internet of Things, along with the evolving landscape of mobile power and data, is completely changing how IT infrastructure is procured, deployed, and managed.

So, what can you do in order to effectively optimize your networks and more? At Crimson IT, our infrastructure outsourcing services help enterprises and small businesses to design, build, run, and even manage your complete IT infrastructure in an agile and cost-effective manner.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Networking IT Infrastructure?

Big Data, remote workforces, high levels of customer information, and other key factors require your IT environment to be held to the highest level of security, flexibility, and scalability. Pairing this with the knowledge that your business demands will continuously be changing with the market, technology, and other market factors, IT infrastructure services help to keep you moving forward.

Additionally, network and website traffic will only continue to increase in the coming years. In fact, it’s expected that traffic to your IT systems will triple by the year 2019 with the vast number of devices that are online. If your business is relying on outdated network hardware or an older IT environment in general, there’s no better time than now to upgrade your rapidly aging IT infrastructure architecture with a trusted provider like Crimson IT.

Your organization’s networks can be upgraded for a few key reasons, such as to:

  • Expand your capacity with more computers to your office, linking to remote locations or implementing additional cloud storage to host your data.
  • Improve your network security and your company’s resilience to cyber threats and attacks on critical information.
  • Boost your productivity, save time, and reduce ongoing maintenance costs associated with slower network systems.

Whether you’re replacing old technology or expanding your IT infrastructure, regular upgrades are critical for keeping your business productive and your data secure. There are many tell-tale signs that you might need IT infrastructure solutions to help improve your networks and IT environment.

  1. Your network is much slower and clunkier than it could be.
  2. Your employees consistently need more time to complete tasks due to hardware or software issues.
  3. You only practice the bare minimum for network security.
  4. Your IT department spends a big portion of their time maintaining your current IT infrastructure.
  5. You’re spending too much money each month on keeping your networks afloat.

Keeping these key signs in mind, you can better identify when your IT infrastructure could use some expert-level care. 

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Services

With extensive knowledge and first-hand expertise, Crimson IT is your ideal partner to leverage the latest technologies that enable your business to create, build, and manage an agile IT infrastructure. Our IT infrastructure outsourcing services enable you to be digitally at-the-ready, by providing cloud services, software services, malware protection, and constant IT tech solutions that can improve your data center, network, server storage, and much more.

Crimson IT’s comprehensive IT infrastructure services include:

  • Cloud migrations
  • Enterprise systems and network management
  • Data center consolidation and hosting
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) implementations
  • Big Data environments
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery software development pipelines
  • Database services
  • Cloud hosting (AWS)
  • Infrastructure integrations and divestitures
  • Virtualization Solutions (VMware, Microsoft, Citrix)

Why Choose Crimson IT for your IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Needs

Crimson IT’s experienced IT infrastructure services will help to lead your organization on a more direct path to success. With the expertise to provide you with the most reliable solutions for your specific business, we’re able to create an IT infrastructure architecture as well as aid in the handling of hardware and software, and much more.

Our excellent IT infrastructure support is here to help your organization continuously improve and grow, and provide expert guidance to help better manage parts of your IT environment. It is our goal to help your business use technology to its full advantage in order to be the leader in your industry.

Data Center Services

We provide data center services that fit in seamlessly with your organization, offering full-scale solutions from data management, migrations, consolidations, audits and in-depth analysis.

Cloud Services

Our IT services include the complete management, migration, evaluation, and cost analysis for cloud services so you always know you’re getting the most holistic solutions.

Network Management

From your cloud hosting platform to your data centers and your in-office support to mobile users, we provide the most comprehensive network management so you’re always online.


Building integrated solutions with the latest technologies, our team of IT experts have the breadth of knowledge, experience, and skill needed to complement your business functions with IOT.

Security Services

IT infrastructure is incomplete without the security to protect it. We offer a layered security approach to all infrastructure components, balancing security with usability for each client.

Big Data

Do you know the effects of big data on your company? Our team will develop a customized big data analytics solution that helps you gain even more insight into your business.

“The entire Crimson IT team is made up of high level professionals that ensure my organization is operating at peak performance at all times. I would highly recommend them for any company.”

Michael Barker \ CEO & Managing Director \ Barker Pacific Group

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