Access the most powerful, reliable, and secure business technology and IT consulting to enhance the performance of your financial business.

There are a myriad of situations that can interrupt business operations, leaving your financial business and your clients in an uneasy territory. However, having reliable IT solutions and business technology for financial services can ensure that you can more easily identify, analyze, remove, and reduce the number of issues that occur over time. 

Does your business technology reflect your dedication to client confidentiality, legislation, and industry standards? Can you communicate and efficiently work with clients without risking data loss or experiencing other IT-related issues? Do you have a safeguard plan in place in case of disaster? These are all mission-critical questions that financial services firms must ask themselves when considering the current and future state of technology. 

By outsourcing the assessment, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance of your IT infrastructure, cloud services, software applications, and more to IT experts at Crimson IT, you'll be able to:

  • focus more fully on your clients and growing business
  • reduce your IT-related expenditures and operational costs
  • ensure compliance with all rules and regulations
  • improve your IT system performance
  • solidify your competitive advantage in the market
  • tap into high levels of expertise in the area of financial service technology

When your financial services firm is looking for managed IT services, IT security, and IT consulting, Crimson IT is your all-in-one solution that truly understands the unique needs and limitations in the finance industry today. 

Why Financial Firms Should Outsource IT Services & Security

Financial organizations today hold a strong understanding that the proper financial services technology can provide a valuable competitive edge. But, why does this mean that financial services firms should enlist the help of an outsourced, managed IT solution? 

The speed at which technology changes requires constant monitoring, updates, and integrations which can prove to be challenging for busy firms to manage successfully over time. Businesses in the financial industry must have the right tools, applications, and platforms in place for the most streamlined operations possible, as well as consistently-maintained networks to keep the customer experience positive and frequently updated systems that meet compliance standards.  

Crimson IT offers comprehensive managed IT services and IT security to financial services organizations in the Los Angeles, CA area. We understand that financial services and technology go hand-in-hand. As a financial services firm, you depend on this technology every day to help you perform business functions like client communication, process management, procedural compliance, and performance efficiency.  With years of experience working with financial firms and other industries, our IT consultants have every bit of knowledge and skill that you need to meet your business technology requirements, including helping you:

  • leverage cloud services and solutions for better security, greater accessibility, and improved collaboration
  • protect confidential data and other critical information from unauthorized, unwanted access
  • improve and maintain operations, and prepare for any potential data disaster
  • stay compliant with financial services regulations (i.e., HMDA, SOX, FISMA)
  • solve complex business challenges with improved technology
  • utilize industry-specific technology with support for financial programs (i.e., QuickBooks, Sage Accounting, etc.)

Dedicated Financial IT Services & IT Consulting with Crimson IT

Businesses operating within financial areas from banking to wealth management to insurance can benefit from Crimson IT experts. With a full team of dedicated IT consultants on your side, we'll work together to solve your most complicated, taxing, and resource-heavy challenges with technology. With your specific business goals in mind every step of the way, we'll create the most tailored IT plan that will address every issue, set you up for total compliance, and help you grow your financial services firm in a scalable way for your customers. 

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

Having an IT strategy crafted by an expert who really understands your business and industry is often what gets financial services businesses a full return on their IT investment. At Crimson IT, we provide outsourced and virtual CIO (vCIO) services to financial firms who offer guidance, process optimization, budget forecasting, and analysis for a better advantage in the market

Managed Help Desk & Computer Repair

Working within the finance industry, your business is under intense scrutiny when it comes to fully-functioning operations. To your customers, it's unacceptable to experience anything more than a harmless IT issue, so it's important to be prepared. Crimson IT provides a remote-managed help desk to help you troubleshoot any issue that could cause a major problem, as well as computer repair services to make sure your devices are always working properly.

Network & Data Security

These days, as a financial services provider, you can't operate a business without data security, backup and restoration, as well as a business continuity and disaster plan. Crimson IT experts are here to help protect your business at every turn offering improved security systems, IT security, and encrypted cloud services to keep your devices, software, networks, and data safe and secure. With our solutions in place, Crimson IT consultants will manage all of your security requirements for hardware and software, cloud services, backup and recovery plans, and more.

IT Expense Reduction

Lowering the amount of money spent on tech/IT services and business technology is something that every financial services organization should keep at top of mind. With the frequent shifts in how much new software, antiviruses, system improvements, and network upgrades can cost, our IT experts at Crimson IT will help you reduce expenses as much as possible - all without lowering the quality of service.

IT Budgeting & Forecasting

As a firm operating in the finance industry, you simply cannot be in business if you aren't taking close care of - and keeping watch over - your own finances and their limitations. Our IT consultants will work directly with your team to create an IT budget and forecasting plan that functions to promote your overall goals, while always remaining cost-effective at scale.

Cloud Services & Migrations

With so much at stake in terms of what information is being collected during normal business activities, financial firms everywhere are turning toward the flexibility, stability, and security of cloud services. Crimson IT experts are here to migrate your existing setup into a secure cloud server, as well as help you use cloud-based solutions to aid your finance business growth.

IT Assessments

A comprehensive IT assessment of your existing environment allows us to get a firm grasp of your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats. With a base-level understanding of your IT systems, we can provide genuine insight into where and how to improve your network, cloud services, software, and more.

  • “As a technologically-driven company, security and efficiency are at the top of our priority list. Crimson IT's team is extremely responsive and resourceful and they have been a huge value add for us. We would recommend them to any company looking for IT services.”

    Chris Rising \ Founder & President \ Rising Realty Partners

  • “The entire Crimson IT team is made up of high level professionals that ensure my organization is operating at peak performance at all times. I would highly recommend them for any company.”

    Michael Barker \ CEO & Managing Director \ Barker Pacific Group

  • “I appreciate Crimson IT’s exceptionally high customer care standards and strong commitment to quality.  I can always count on them to be responsive as issues arise as well as be proactive in recommending technology that will support our future IT needs.”

    Suzanne Holley \ President & CEO \ Downtown Center Business Improvement District

  • “Crimson IT has been instrumental in helping us streamline our IT needs — from day-to-day management to more careful planning. They understand the complexities of large organizations, are extremely responsive and are equipped to help us through just about any our company’s requirements.”

    Joe Dykstra \ CEO \ Westwood Financial

  • “Crimson IT is the firm I turn to whenever I, or my clients, need IT help. Not only are they very professional, they are sincere, honest people who I trust implicitly to do things right. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

    Kevin Matthews \ President \ Noble Accounting