Providing powerful, reliable, scalable, and secure business technology and complete IT services to growing startups.

There’s a lot of stress, uncertainty, and urgent tasks surrounding early-stage organizations - all standard obstacles that a startup must successfully navigate to succeed long-term. At any phase of a startup business lifecycle, the need for reliable and powerful technology, streamlined tools, reduced expenses, and hard-working employees is necessary. As your startup continues to grow into new phases, markets, and brand characteristics, it's important to make sure that the tools and technologies put into place are pulling their weight. 

Crimson IT consultants are true experts in business technology and IT services for startups in Los Angeles. We understand the challenges and advantages that come with being an early-stage company, the vast importance of your networks, and the critical nature of data security. We'll work directly with you to support your growth with tailored IT solutions that aim to:

  • Free up employees to focus on business growth
  • Reduce operational costs and IT expenses
  • Optimize performance with advanced IT architecture
  • Give a competitive advantage in any market
  • Protect business data with secure cloud storage, firewalls, antivirus protection, etc.
  • Ensure compliance with every rule and regulation
  • Provide 24/7 tech support to resolve any issues, big or small
  • Constantly monitor and maintain network connections
  • Offer the most knowledgeable experts in all technical areas

With budget-friendly, reliable, and fully customizable solutions, our team of IT consultants provides you with the business technology and IT services that you need. From setting up your phone lines to cabling your new building to migrate your data to secure cloud servers, Crimson IT is your partner in managed IT services and business technology. 

Support for Startups - The Real Benefits of Managed IT Solutions

Game-changing software and technology are always at the top-of-mind for startups. After all, the proper utilization of the right kinds of tools will have a positive effect on your startup's customer satisfaction, communication, sales growth, operational efficiency, product/service offering, and even employee happiness. 

Rather than handling the complexities of scalable business technology in-house, it's worth it for the vast majority of startups to enlist the help of expert-level, managed IT service providers. Taking advantage of managed IT services for startups from Crimson IT reaps a huge number of benefits, such as: 

1. Creating more value 

Focusing your efforts and energy more on improving your products or service offerings, building successful marketing campaigns, and other types of startup activities that will drive your overall value is always a good move. By leaning more into your business and customers and worrying less about your IT infrastructure and data security, you'll create more value for your startup that investors will notice. 

2. Building an agile IT environment

Your developers and marketers aren't the only ones who should be working within an agile system. An agile IT environment provides you with the needed efficiency to grow and scale your IT infrastructure as your business does, capturing more opportunity and making it easier to continue to scale upwards. 

3. Wasting less time and expenses 

When you're operating a busy, quickly-expanding startup, every minute of the day and every dollar in the bank counts just that much more. Instead of wasting time patching up software issues, researching the top security tools, and messing with your network connection, getting help from expert IT consultants allows you to save incredible amounts of time and money otherwise spent on keeping your startup's IT running. 

4. Receiving technical expertise with an industry focus

While startups are skilled at finding new solutions and keeping things scrappy, your IT environment is one area that should always receive special attention. Utilizing a managed IT service is the best way to get the breadth and depth of IT knowledge needed to locate, analyze, implement, and monitor every tool in use, as well as better understand your IT environment.

5. Lowering operational costs

Reducing expenses is always a goal for startups. By using a managed IT service that can understand and manage your changing IT needs with flexibility, as well as one that will handle everything from computer troubleshooting to full cloud migration, you can save money on capital costs and budget for operations. 

6. Protecting against data and security threats

Your business and customer data are subjected to cyber threats on a daily basis; sometimes the only thing that stands in between your information and a hacker is a powerful firewall. An outsourced IT services provider knows the most reliable, secure solutions -- including applications and software -- needed to repel a potential data breach and keep your data locked down. 

Empowering Startups at Every Stage with Flexible Managed IT Services

Crimson IT provides superior, managed IT services to startups in the Los Angeles, CA area. We understand the unique challenges that startups face - we'll work with your existing IT staff to meet every business goal or take over the management and support of your IT infrastructure to let you focus your efforts on growing.

With complete, end-to-end business technology solutions, we offer IT security, network optimization, helpdesk support, and more to your early-stage organization. Our flexible and reliable managed IT services for startups include:


IT Finance Management


Startups and early-stage companies are among the most vulnerable and competitive out there. For this reason, among many others, keeping a close eye on finances is imperative. We'll work with your startup to develop an IT plan that works for your budget, and always remains flexible to make room for any potential changes that can arise with a growing company.

Network & Data Security

Every company out there is at risk of a cyber attack on critical data. For startups, however, one data breach could mean the end of business completely. We provide a complete turnkey solution to IT security that ensures every device and network in your startup is secured through powerful antivirus software, firewalls, cloud backup, and other custom security solutions.

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

In many startup environments, hiring an in-house expert on IT is too much of a drain on valuable resources. For early-stage companies, however, the process of seeking business technology and IT security expertise can often come too late - and at a cost. At Crimson IT, we can provide an outsourced virtual CIO (vCIO) to build a well-crafted, comprehensive IT strategy that aims to fit perfectly with your existing growth strategies.

Managed Help Desk

Your startup doesn't need to experience network issues, WiFi problems, or troublesome software. With long hours, strict deadlines, and the ongoing startup mentality, there's enough to manage on your own. We offer 24/7 helpdesk support services, and we can handle any IT problem, questions, or concern that comes your way so you can get back to business as soon as possible.

Industry Assessments

Improving where you stand within your industry's ecosystem means first understanding its every detail and function. With a thorough deep-dive into your startup industry, we can accurately assess your current IT environment, security standards, compliance, and strategic strengths and weaknesses against the rest of the competition.

  • “The entire Crimson IT team is made up of high level professionals that ensure my organization is operating at peak performance at all times. I would highly recommend them for any company.”

    Michael Barker \ CEO & Managing Director \ Barker Pacific Group

  • “Crimson IT is the firm I turn to whenever I, or my clients, need IT help. Not only are they very professional, they are sincere, honest people who I trust implicitly to do things right. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

    Kevin Matthews \ President \ Noble Accounting

  • “Crimson IT has been instrumental in helping us streamline our IT needs — from day-to-day management to more careful planning. They understand the complexities of large organizations, are extremely responsive and are equipped to help us through just about any our company’s requirements.”

    Joe Dykstra \ CEO \ Westwood Financial

  • “I appreciate Crimson IT’s exceptionally high customer care standards and strong commitment to quality.  I can always count on them to be responsive as issues arise as well as be proactive in recommending technology that will support our future IT needs.”

    Suzanne Holley \ President & CEO \ Downtown Center Business Improvement District

  • “As a technologically-driven company, security and efficiency are at the top of our priority list. Crimson IT's team is extremely responsive and resourceful and they have been a huge value add for us. We would recommend them to any company looking for IT services.”

    Chris Rising \ Founder & President \ Rising Realty Partners