If the damage has already been done, we can provide you with data recovery services that can mitigate any issues and allow you to get back to work more quickly and with less required downtime. We work with you to ensure the best possible resolution for serious data issues.

Crimson IT takes pride in knowing we can offer our clients the best, most reliable managed IT services out there.

Building a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to protect your business from the unexpected. We offer disaster restoration services that help you minimize downtime and recover quickly.


disaster recovery

The best way to recover from disasters is to plan for them in advance. At Crimson IT, we offer cloud-based backups and proactive measures to help you prepare for prolonged power outages, major storms and data losses that could cripple your company’s ongoing operations. By putting these plans in place, our team can help you manage downtimes and maintain your productivity.

Disaster Restoration Services: Complete IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

Outages, critical process bugs, natural disasters, and other emergency events can happen at any time, interrupting your network and leaving your system’s doors wide open to additional risk. When things don’t go as planned in your IT environment, it’s important to have an in-depth, strategic, tried-and-tested disaster recovery plan to help get you back on your feet.

While many businesses think of an IT disaster as a weather-related issue that affects their datacenters, there’s much more to it. The most common types of disasters that can disrupt your IT systems are:

When a common organizational IT disaster happens, your business needs to have a thorough disaster restoration plan in place. Without a disaster plan in place, you run the risk of losing more than just valuable data and internal resources - you can damage your brand image and customer relationships in an irreparable way.

Disaster recovery planning is a critical element that every enterprise and SMB should employ. According to Gartner, the estimated "size of the [Disaster Recovery as a Service] DRaaS market will be approximately $1.3 billion, with a related compound annual growth rate of approximately 30 percent. By 2018, Gartner estimates that the size of the DRaaS market will exceed that of the market for more traditional subscription-based [disaster recovery] services.”

With the proper disaster recovery plan and disaster restoration services, your business can be more prepared by:

  • Exploring various disaster scenarios and the implications that each can have on your business
  • Running through real-world testing to find any vulnerabilities
  • Establishing a secure database to lessen the risk of attack
  • Meeting strict rules, regulations, and governance

What Goes Into a Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster recovery process is only as good as the disaster recovery strategy it's based on. When designing your disaster recovery plan, we carefully select targeted strategies that address your specific use cases - we tailor every IT disaster recovery plan to fit your business systems, needs, and overall recovery goals.

Our disaster recovery process:

  1. Assesses the needs and capabilities of your business (desires vs. needs balanced with costs and expectations)
  2. Discovers the complexity of systems, clouds, and applications
  3. Discovers potential disaster scenarios and probabilities of risk for each
  4. Gathers requirements, categorize and prioritize systems, clouds, and applications for recovery in each disaster scenario
  5. Creates the recovery plans for each system, application, and cloud for each disaster scenario
  6. Practices regularly scheduled real-world recovery tests with each business unit to ensure plan efficacy

Crimson IT's complete IT disaster recovery services provides the necessary expertise and knowledge to develop, test, and launch a full-scale disaster plan, giving you confidence that your business is protected.

Fast and Effective Disaster Recovery Services

Even a few moments of downtime on your website can mean lost revenue, unhappy customers, and other potential missed opportunities that could help you stay ahead in your field. Maximize your uptime, reduce your downtime, and lessen your stress by letting the IT experts at Crimson IT handle your disaster recovery strategy.

Our customized business disaster recovery plans will keep your information protected, as well as show you the steps that need to be taken in order to ensure that your disaster recovery strategy is will be effective in returning things to normal. We offer a wide range of services to prepare you for any potential situation:

Complete Cloud Disaster Recovery

Having a data security plan should never start and stop at “data backup". We make sure that your IT disaster recovery plan is complete, addressing every single part of the recovery process. That means planning for data backups, ongoing maintenance, restoration, and protection.

Frequent Software Checks

No one likes unpleasant surprises, especially where working through a disaster recovery is concerned. We consistently take a look at every bit of software you’re using to conduct business, making sure that everything is properly licensed, updated, and functioning correctly.

Security Integrations & Backup

The proper security controls, data backups, and integrations can make or break your disaster recovery strategy. We ensure that every element of your security controls are factored into your recovery strategy, and even prepare a backup plan in case of any sudden changes.

Regular Testing

Testing your IT disaster recovery plan regularly is crucial to keeping everything safe and secure in the event of a disaster. We take the time to thoroughly test every plan put into place, so you know that every issue is worked out well ahead of any potential emergency.

“The entire Crimson IT team is made up of high level professionals that ensure my organization is operating at peak performance at all times. I would highly recommend them for any company.”

Michael Barker \ CEO & Managing Director \ Barker Pacific Group

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