Helping you provide a remarkable guest experience and improve operations through managed IT services for hospitality businesses. 

Hospitality-focused businesses that invest in new technologies are more likely to see improved guest satisfaction, increased revenue, decreased IT costs and operating expenses, and a greater level of efficiency overall. At Crimson IT, our expert IT consultants know the ins and outs of the hospitality industry's technology needs and work around the clock to ensure that every office, network, and computer system in your inventory is running as it should be. We work with you directly in order to better:

  • Protect and secure your network and devices
  • Integrate all of your onsite and back-office systems
  • Keep your systems up-and-running with 24/7 support
  • Serve your guests with high-tech services and amenities
  • Adhere to PCI DSS compliance requirements
  • Prevent viruses, malware, and other cyber attacks from targeting your mission-critical data or customer information 

We'll actively manage and oversee every part of your IT environment, so you can focus your time, energy, and budget on providing amazing guest experience. 

Using Innovative Technology to Improve Your Business and Guest Experience

No matter if you're running a small hotel or restaurant, or are helping to manage the operations at a large-scale hotel, understanding and improving on the guest experience requires a need for fast, secure, and scalable business technology solutions. 

It doesn't take much for a customer or guest to feel that they're receiving a less-than-optimal experience. Unpredictable Internet speeds, fussy key cards, inoperable security cameras, and unsecured network connections are all perfect examples of what turns customers away over time. The potential negative impact of having issues with your technology in a hospitality environment could damage your entire brand.

By partnering with an outsourced IT services provider, you can better ensure that your business operations are streamlined, and your guest experience is at its absolute best in a number of critical ways. IT consultants from Crimson IT allow hospitality businesses to:

1. Enhance Guest Satisfaction & Retention

With better, faster technology comes a greater sense of customer service. By putting your high-tech innovations at the forefront, you'll make sure that guests enjoy their time with you, and that they will come back again and again. 

2. Maximize Uptime & Eliminate Downtime

There's nothing much worse to a guest than when a network connection goes from bad to non-existent. Supporting your network with the most reliable solutions allows your customers to stay securely connected and your business to operate more effectively. 

3. Bulk Up Security Standards

Network and data security are everything. For businesses in the hospitality industry, a special focus is needed to ensure that the technologies in use are safe and secure, as well as that you're adhering to every compliance requirement needed. 

4. Access Industry Expertise

Having an outsourced IT consulting team on-hand is often the best way to address industry challenges on a higher level. Without breaking the bank, you'll be able to understand and implement the best possible technology solutions to keep your success at a maximum. 

5. Reduce IT Costs

Tailored technology solutions are proven to help hospitality businesses reduce the expenses associated with IT services. With more flexible options and custom packages, you'll receive a better rate that helps you better budget and manage IT-related finances. 

Crimson IT holds years of experience in providing hotels, restaurants, and others within the hospitality industry with completely state-of-the-art technology. With a firm understanding of the industry's requirements and through working directly with your business, we'll help to improve every area of focus above and more.

Managed IT Services & Technology Solutions for Hotels, Restaurants and More

Crimson IT offers businesses in the hospitality industry years of experience, as well as a genuine understanding of how your company operates. We can help you to create a secure, scalable IT environment that will expand as your business grows, supporting you with more predictable costs of technology, a higher level of data security, and easy-to-use solutions that guests and customers will love. 

We'll work directly with you to develop the best technology solutions that will help you exceed your goals, give you a competitive edge, and draw in more guests so you can focus on serving your customers and winning over their loyalty. We offer a wide range of managed IT solutions to our partners in the hospitality industry, including: 

  • “I appreciate Crimson IT’s exceptionally high customer care standards and strong commitment to quality.  I can always count on them to be responsive as issues arise as well as be proactive in recommending technology that will support our future IT needs.”

    Suzanne Holley \ President & CEO \ Downtown Center Business Improvement District

  • “The entire Crimson IT team is made up of high level professionals that ensure my organization is operating at peak performance at all times. I would highly recommend them for any company.”

    Michael Barker \ CEO & Managing Director \ Barker Pacific Group

  • “As a technologically-driven company, security and efficiency are at the top of our priority list. Crimson IT's team is extremely responsive and resourceful and they have been a huge value add for us. We would recommend them to any company looking for IT services.”

    Chris Rising \ Founder & President \ Rising Realty Partners

  • “Crimson IT has been instrumental in helping us streamline our IT needs — from day-to-day management to more careful planning. They understand the complexities of large organizations, are extremely responsive and are equipped to help us through just about any our company’s requirements.”

    Joe Dykstra \ CEO \ Westwood Financial

  • “Crimson IT is the firm I turn to whenever I, or my clients, need IT help. Not only are they very professional, they are sincere, honest people who I trust implicitly to do things right. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

    Kevin Matthews \ President \ Noble Accounting