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With the challenges of scaling a media and entertainment business, keeping up with competition, and pleasing customers, we help you succeed with custom IT solutions. 

Being fast and efficient in the entertainment and media industry is one of the most important factors. With incredibly tight deadlines and timelines, complicated distribution systems, the threat of data breach, and always-increasing costs and expenses, the demand to stay as updated as possible on technology solutions for media businesses has grown. 

Crimson IT offers full-service IT consulting and business technology solutions to the media and entertainment industry in Los Angeles, CA. With clients from major media organizations to small entertainment agencies, we'll help you with: 

  • Better server and network performance overall
  • Scalable solutions for growing media agencies of any size
  • Seamless software and other IT upgrades 
  • Design and implementation of new systems
  • Improved digital mobility, flexibility, and agility
  • Risk mitigation and total data security
  • Adopting and integrating future technologies
  • Consulting on all other areas of technology 

Why Media & Entertainment Companies Need a Dedicated IT Service Provider

The media and entertainment industry is one of the most quickly-evolving today, with technology filling an incredibly important purpose in that change. Cutting-edge IT tools and strategies are needed to keep up with the growing needs of customers and remain ahead of the competition. 

Today in the media world, there is no question whatsoever that the main topics of conversation are around innovation - specifically, advancements and improvements in technology. No matter what the main goals and objectives are of your media business, enlisting the help of a managed IT services provider who gets how your business functions is necessary. 

Our team gains successes in the success of our clients - helping those in the media and entertainment industry thrive in a multitude of ways, including: 

  • navigating the technology landscape for media companies and providing strategic, fact-based IT recommendations
  • enabling the innovation of media production, including improving timelines and financial burdens for agencies
  • increasing the productivity of media companies with tailored IT services and business technology that improves support functions and other key areas of operation
  • improving the results of sales and marketing efforts through custom-designed IT infrastructure that can help consumer development soar
  • reducing operational and capital expenses with a best-in-class IT architecture 
  • securing data with the most innovative technologies and ensuring its protection with IT safeguards, and backup & recovery plans


Crimson IT has helped many media-based organizations grow strategically with a fully developed IT roadmap, the most updated software applications, improved security, and other scalable technology solutions. With many years of experience working with media and entertainment firms, our expert IT consultants know how to effectively identify and analyze problem areas, find the best solutions, develop a plan to get you there, and help you manage it all along the way. 

Full-Service IT Solutions for Media & Entertainment from Crimson IT

At Crimson IT, our team of expert-level technology consultants enables businesses in the media and entertainment industry to stay ahead of their competitors. By eliminating the inefficiencies in your technology adoption and use, we have the skills and services that it takes to take your media business to the next level. We have years of experience working directly with media and entertainment companies to improve the state of their IT infrastructure, networks, software applications, and more.

Our central IT consulting services and business technology solutions for media and entertainment companies include: 


Network & Data Security

Cybersecurity and data breaches aren't just a threat to huge retail stores and online services. They constantly weigh on the minds of those who manage business technology for media companies. At Crimson IT, we provide a fully-customized turnkey solution with antivirus protection for every device and manage the upkeep of all security needs for your hardware and software, cloud services, and backup and recovery plans to keep you and your clients protected.

IT Budgeting & Expense Management

Strict budgets and intense management of funds are regular occurrences for media businesses. With deep scrutiny of every expense, it's important to utilize the most high-quality and cost-effective technology solutions. Our IT consultants will work directly with you to build a comprehensive IT budget and expense management plan that will help your business stay within its financial boundaries for IT.

Future Technology

Technology trends and innovations are evolving every day. For businesses operating in the media and entertainment industry, it's vital to be able to stay on top of the most advanced IT solutions out there. Crimson IT is your trusted partner in remaining at the forefront of new technologies, software and hardware upgrades, network improvements, and other IT optimizations that keep you ahead of the game.

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is shifting dramatically. As the media and entertainment industry migrates into the era of stronger IT environments and more protected networks, the need for a true partner and leader in IT strategy is imperative. We offer experienced, specialized, and complete virtual CIO services that work with your company's goals and objectives to develop strategies that support your every move.

Cloud Services & Migrations

Migrating existing data into more secure and flexible cloud services is quickly becoming the norm in the media and entertainment industry. Media companies have to protect their essential data as much as any other business out there, while also making sure that the data is accessible whenever and wherever needed. Crimson IT will help you navigate the complicated process of entirely migrating to the cloud and use cloud solutions to grow your business even more.

Infrastructure Management

Major and minor media companies alike must have a robust IT infrastructure in place to keep every digital system in motion. Understandably, the main focus can be put into growing the company while letting your networks, digital systems, and software and hardware suffer. Crimson IT consultants will help manage the intricacies of every part of your IT infrastructure so you can focus on building your brand and business as well as better serve your clients.

IT Assessment

Performing an IT assessment is always the first step to understanding how your current business technology systems are set up. With an in-depth analysis of your media company's technical strengths and weaknesses, our IT consultants will shed critical light on where your current software, devices, network, cloud services, and data security plans can be improved.

  • “Crimson IT is the firm I turn to whenever I, or my clients, need IT help. Not only are they very professional, they are sincere, honest people who I trust implicitly to do things right. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

    Kevin Matthews \ President \ Noble Accounting

  • “As a technologically-driven company, security and efficiency are at the top of our priority list. Crimson IT's team is extremely responsive and resourceful and they have been a huge value add for us. We would recommend them to any company looking for IT services.”

    Chris Rising \ Founder & President \ Rising Realty Partners

  • “The entire Crimson IT team is made up of high level professionals that ensure my organization is operating at peak performance at all times. I would highly recommend them for any company.”

    Michael Barker \ CEO & Managing Director \ Barker Pacific Group

  • “Crimson IT has been instrumental in helping us streamline our IT needs — from day-to-day management to more careful planning. They understand the complexities of large organizations, are extremely responsive and are equipped to help us through just about any our company’s requirements.”

    Joe Dykstra \ CEO \ Westwood Financial

  • “I appreciate Crimson IT’s exceptionally high customer care standards and strong commitment to quality.  I can always count on them to be responsive as issues arise as well as be proactive in recommending technology that will support our future IT needs.”

    Suzanne Holley \ President & CEO \ Downtown Center Business Improvement District

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