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Win over more clients and grow your commercial real estate business with custom IT services and technology solutions

In the ever-changing world of commercial real estate, advancements in technology are fueling more productive, secure, integrated, and effective businesses. However, many working in the industry today still aren't effectively utilizing business technology. With reports that commercial real estate is "falling behind on investing in tech and data analytics,” property teams and businesses are still often limited to the most basic IT functions. 

The modern real estate marketplace is continually changing. By working with experts at Crimson IT, you can ensure you have the fastest speeds and the most effective IT services for your properties and listings. At Crimson IT, we are leaders in providing commercial real estate technology solutions, offering a full range of IT consulting services and managed business technology and tools that will help you:

  • Scale rapidly for the future
  • Improve productivity and network efficiencies
  • Protect and secure data at all times
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Compete for the best tenants and employees
  • Personalize customer experiences

Why Technology Solutions for Commercial Real Estate are Now an Industry Requirement

The real estate industry involves so much more than simply putting out a "For Sale" sign. For businesses to really thrive in the area of commercial real estate, they must assess their current use of tech and tools, adapt to technology advancements, and adopt more streamlined IT solutions to make efficiency soar. 

There are a number of big reasons why every commercial real estate business needs to invest in proper IT services and technology solutions:

1. A greater demand for data security and protected networks

In today's highly technical environment, it's difficult to avoid the constant threat of data breach, phishing scams, and other critical cyber attacks. With more importance being placed on privacy, security, and safety of online data, the most updated technology solutions available must be used to avoid damage, satisfy customers, and have a competitive edge. 

2. A trending shift to high-tech real estate tools

There are dozens of important innovations to stay on top of in the real estate industry. With augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and drone services rapidly gaining popularity to assist with 360-degree immersive views into every property and listing, these technology trends are changing the way that firms conduct business every day. 

3. A reliance on connected devices and accessible information

Rather than taking handwritten notes and hauling them back to the main office after an on-site visit or client meeting, having the technology solutions in place to support field devices, and the cloud services to allow easy accessibility, IT is streamlining how commercial real estate agents and businesses are getting things done.

4. A requirement for minimal network downtime

When your business is supporting many agents, clients, and potential buyers, the ability to be in constant communication, have accessible information, and functioning networks is a must. Keeping all of your networks, systems, devices, and other tools up and running is what keeps your business operational, your data more secure, and your clients from finding better alternatives. 

No matter what the reason may be for your particular business, our IT consultants can help you audit every potential solution and come up with a tailored IT strategy, delivering only the best options to your commercial real estate firm. 

Flexible IT Services for Commercial Real Estate From Crimson IT

In the commercial real estate business, we understand that you're focused on the bottom line. Crimson IT offers businesses in the commercial real estate industry years of experience, as well as a genuine understanding of how your industry operates. We'll help you create a secure, reliable, and scalable IT environment that will support you with more cost-effective options, greater data security, and easy-to-use tools that clients gain immense benefits from. 

We offer a broad range of flexible, managed IT services for businesses in the commercial real estate industry, including: 

IT Assessments

To manage and understand the evolving state of technology in the commercial real estate industry, a comprehensive IT assessment of your existing setup should always be performed. Covering a variety of IT compliance, security, and framework best practices, our IT audit aims to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and put forth the best plan of action to make improvements.

Cloud Services & Migrations

Cloud-based systems are already the industry norm for commercial real estate, but you need to stay ahead of the curve with the most up-to-date solutions. Crimson IT consultants are leaders in providing cloud services and migration for firms of all sizes. Our IT experts understand the importance of uptimes, fast connections, IT security, as well as applications and tools in use, and will enhance your success with the latest cloud technology.

Managed Help Desk

When a critical or even minor issue occurs within your IT infrastructure, WiFi, networks, or devices, your business can become damaged very quickly without the correct response. As a trusted provider for remote support and managed help desk services for commercial real estate, our experts are there to respond with fast resolutions that keep your firm moving forward, and excellent care that keeps your employees happy.

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

At Crimson IT, our virtual Chief In Officers (CIO)s provide all of the same services that you would receive from a typical on-site tech department, yet with a much more predictable price range. We offer flexible, custom virtual CIO services that work with your real estate goals and objectives to develop IT strategies that support you in every possible way. With an outsourced vCIO, you'll have access to on-demand expertise, budget development, strategic plans, and more.

Network & Data Security

As a business in the commercial real estate industry, you can't run your firm without strict IT security protocols, advanced data protection, encryption tools, backup and restoration strategies, and complete continuity and disaster plans. Crimson IT experts will safeguard your business with improved IT security systems to keep your buildings, data, devices, and networks safe and secure.

Tenant Amenities

To compete for the best tenants, property managers and others in the real estate industry need to focus on providing the best amenities as a source of recruiting encouragement. By leveraging technology to help your tenants and guests live their lives more comfortably, conveniently, and productively, our IT consulting experts will be able to help you differentiate yourself from the rest of the real estate competition.

Smart Building Design & Implementation

Hand-in-hand with updating your buildings to bring them into the modern day, smart building design is a rapidly growing area of the industry. At Crimson IT, we are skilled at using technology to design and transform these spaces into true experiences that connect with their tenants and guests - ones that can identify your preferences, anticipate your needs, and fulfill them with fast, intelligent response.

Building Modernizations

Taking a regular building or space and transforming it from a traditional, or basic setup to one that is a complete fit with the most recent advancements in building technology can lead to more interested clients and better performance. We'll work with you to make sure that your buildings are outfitted with the latest in fiber optics, surveillance, keyless entry, and seamless WiFi.

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