As more and more businesses transfer their operations online, the need to create a solid strategy to meet their tech needs becomes pressing. Your IT set-up can be thought of as the vehicle that you will use for your journey on the road to business success.

To begin with, you may only have the resources for a simple structure, but you’ll want the sturdiest option to help you make it as far as possible before your next refueling station is reached.

To get from point A to point B, there will be surely be different opportunities and obstacles along the road that cannot be foreseen. However, the best way to prepare to effectively deal with whatever comes your way is through creating a roadmap that won’t leave you and your vehicle stranded. Here is some advice on how to maximize your chances of a successful future through IT:

Where to Begin With Mapping Out Your Technology Roadmap?

If you are still in the planning phase of your enterprise, you’ll find yourself in a prime position to tap into Crimson IT’s expert advice through our . With this service our dedicated team of award-winning consultants would work side-by-side to come up with a continuity process and maintenance inline with your current resources and objectives. Should your company already be up and running, your current IT setup will need to be assessed to determine its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats. This can be done through an which would then serve as the basis for a custom road map to be developed according to your current needs and goals.

Don’t have any IT skills in-house? Fear not! Most Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) offer an which tend to be your most valuable and cost-effective starting point. With us, this would include:

  • A complete, one-time assessment of all the IT systems in your office environment
  • Daily management of all servers, workstations, network equipment, and cloud applications
  • Unlimited support of all your IT equipment, from the network to mobile devices, five days a week during business hours
  • Managed data and system backups as well as disaster recovery to prevent data loss
  • Full-service information security management
  • And, much more

Different Scenarios Call For Different Approaches

If you already have the skills inhouse, it may be more practical to outsource your routine IT needs so that you can free up time and resources within the company to focus on adding value to your core business. Examples of basic needs include: email hosting, on-site IT support, antivirus protection, and malware removal. In having these more menial tasks handled externally, you don’t have to worry about any of the technical details involved in keeping your systems running smoothly.

In the case that you have your basic IT needs covered but are lacking higher level IT expertise, an outsourced CIO may be just what you need to help steer your company in the right direction. Our team is fully immersed in all the latest IT news and trends to ensure our guidance and technological know-how is always of real value to our customers. 

Should you be interested in a more supportive role, IT project management can be a great option for related tasks on an as-needed-basis. With help to manage individual IT projects, your company will be able to reduce costs, improve delivery and leadership visibility. All of these are factors that can boost customer satisfaction and overall business performance. If IT project management is not relevant to your operations, perhaps all you currently need is the support of an outsourced helpdesk. This service provides remote support in troubleshooting any problems with in-office IT infrastructure.

The Value of Security and Recognizing When You’re Ready to Take it to the Next Level

Security systems are an important component of your IT set-up because they help guarantee that your online business is capable of fending off any attacks. , the importance of having a sound and plan in place is evident. Sometimes the value of these services can be overlooked but not when the risk of downtime is minimized thanks to a quick recovery when disaster strikes. 

With all the online data being produced nowadays, some companies may find themselves having to address the growing problem of safe-keeping and storage of their precious information. Many companies in this position will recognize the time has come to upgrade your IT storage to the cloud but will require a trusted provider that can ensure handling this move happens securely.

Crimson IT has extensive experience working with many different industries which contributes greatly to our best-in-class expertise and credible reputation. Our team of experts is more than qualified to provide valuable IT advice based on your current company priorities. With the full spectrum of services on offer, rest assured that our biggest priority lies in providing you with the right IT solutions according to your enterprise’s budget and timeline.

Contact us today to discover the many ways we can improve your technology experience and reap the rewards of IT success!


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