Cloud-based services, virtualization and automation have made the delivery of managed IT support more affordable, enabling SMEs to use these managed services to reduce risks, focus on core business and explore new digital technologies. 

As SMEs continue to spend more on IT to embrace digital advances, they are faced with limited in-house capabilities, complexity and high costs. This is where managed IT support could add real value by enabling them to have the systems infrastructure and skills they lack in-house. 

A survey by Clutch found that 37 percent of small businesses that are currently outsourcing at least one process are outsourcing IT. The survey also found that the top reasons organizations outsource are to increase efficiency (24 percent) and to gain access to an expert (18 percent).

Typically, managed IT services include data protection and technical support, which can be offered partially or fully remote. 


The benefits of managed IT Services 

Managed services for small businesses enable business owners to take advantage of new technologies without having to spend a fortune on in-house capabilities or infrastructure.

The skills and experience gap needed to adopt new technologies can be bridged by outsourcing managed services for small businesses. Using external providers via cloud computing for these IT functions is much more affordable as it allows the business to save money on hiring and training expensive in-house staff. 

As SMEs are at an even greater risk of cyber attacks than bigger companies, they need ongoing protection which can be provided as part of managed IT support. When managed IT support services include 24/7 remote monitoring, SME owners are able to focus on their day-to-day functions without the need to be concerned about potential security threats and knowing that the company’s private data is safe. 

Disaster recovery as a service can also make a huge difference for smaller businesses, where unplanned downtime can run into losses of thousands of dollars within minutes. 

Another advantage of a managed service provider (MSP) is the delivery of ongoing training to internal staff, plus access to an expert who can advise employees on technical issues and offer support when needed. This can vary from a simple password reset to fixing an issue with the network. 

A managed help desk service offers quality technical support. With industry-specific expertise, remote support specialists can work through issues more quickly and efficiently. 

Lastly, managed IT support provides your team with strategic advice. When it comes to growing a business and understanding how technology aligns with future goals, many small business owners could benefit from expert advice which they probably don’t have in-house. This strategic business advice could have a significant impact on the long-term development and sustainability of the business as many SMEs run into trouble because they underestimate the technology needs for future growth.


The importance of managed IT for your business

With managed IT support services from Crimson IT, your SME will have remote support services at its disposal to ensure business operations run smoothly at all times, saving time and money. 

Crimson IT offers many comprehensive IT help desk services for SMEs requiring full or part-time support. Regardless of which IT help desk support functions you need, our experts will put together a complete and customized solution catered to your SME’s specific business goals and needs.

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