Cyber attacks including phishing and ransomware operators are on the rise – leaving many businesses vulnerable to costly security breaches. Stolen data, a loss of productivity and reputational damage are some of the potential fall-outs resulting from cyber attacks. 

Home-working during COVID has led to new opportunities for phishers as a result of the more insecure internet connections of remote employees − leading to criminals taking advantage of unpatched systems and architecture weaknesses. An increase in cloud computing also leads to misconfigurations and weaknesses. 

Ransomware is expected to get worse – including data stealing prior to encryption, malware packaging and other threats. 

Using  internal staff to safeguard your information systems, and relying on them to constantly update your inhouse security technology, can be extremely costly. This is especially true for smaller or medium-sized businesses. 

One of the best ways to safeguard against potential attacks is by using an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP). Working with a MSP can significantly reduce costs – as they bring the experience and technical expertise needed to keep your company’s data secure. 

How an MSP Can Reduce Your Company’s Security Risk

1. Assessing Your Security Risk 

The first thing a trusted MSP does is perform a thorough review of your information technology system including cloud services, computer programs and computer hardware, operating systems and security services to assess whether there are any vulnerabilities that need immediate attention. Testing for vulnerabilities is critical to protect your business from every angle. 

2. 24/7 System Monitoring

One of the main advantages of outsourcing your IT needs, is that an MSP has the resources to monitor your computer networks around the clock, which in-house IT systems administrators are not capable of doing. This way, every real time suspicious activity on your computer system – hardware and software – will be noted, regardless of when it occurs.

3. Anti-virus Protection 

Anti-virus applications are often incorrectly configured or out-of-date, leaving them useless and leaving companies vulnerable to attack. With an MSP you can rest assured that your anti-virus applications will be correctly installed and monitored on a day-to-day basis.

4. Network Penetration Testing Services

It can be very difficult for businesses to identify and analyze their weaknesses effectively. This is why network penetration testing services exist – to pinpoint every gap and vulnerability in your current network and system setups. Knowing your own weaknesses is some of the most valuable IT knowledge your business can hold. 

5. Server and Network Management

With Managed IT Services in charge of your server and network, your company will be equipped to prevent and detect intrusions. They have the tools, latest technology and resources needed to ensure no costly interruptions. The MSP will also be able to offer remote support to home-workers in case of potential breaches.

6. Endpoint Security 

With the home-working trend showing no sign of slowing down, most companies will need to ensure that the network access points of home workers are correctly configured and managed to ensure these endpoints don’t pose a security risk. 

Your MSP will be able to take this off your to do list, by securing all devices, regardless of location.

7. Training Internal Staff

A trusted Managed IT Service will provide effective training to inhouse staff to ensure everyone understands potential risks and threats, so they can help to keep the company’s data safe. Employees need to know what to look for and what to do if anything suspicious is noted. 

8. Disaster Recovery 

Even the most secure companies do occasionally experience IT problems and when things go wrong, how quickly you can get the company up and running again is crucial.  Every minute counts. With the help of an MSP you can create a disaster recovery plan that will help restore operations quickly, reducing costly delays.


The Importance of Managed IT for the Safety of Your Business

With managed IT support services from Crimson IT, you can rest assured that your company will be safe from cyber attacks, regardless of how many people work from home. Let us take care of your security needs and free up your internal team to focus on growing your business. 

Crimson IT is a trusted provider in cyber security consulting, offering complete network security services that keep information safe from unauthorized access.

Our security assessment services and processes are custom-built for your business. 

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