For decades, in-house IT services have been a traditional component of organizations of all sizes. Though with the increasing reliance on remote talent, coupled with a move towards greater specialization within many organizations, the case for out-sourced, managed IT services becomes all the more apparent -- particularly for small to midsize businesses (“SMBs”).

While larger companies have access to bigger budgets and a greater capacity to sustain in-house IT roles, SMBs can often find it a real struggle to manage these IT-related costs. A managed IT service team brings its specialized expertise to the table and can help bolster an organization’s productivity by providing broader and faster support than most in-house solutions. As such, in the interest of cost-effectiveness, maximizing efficiency and team productivity, outsourcing in-house IT services and relying on the expertise of a remote managed IT service team is a winning choice.

Expertise Translates to Cost-Effectiveness

Maintaining an in-house IT department that can provide a broad scope of IT services is an expensive, time-heavy, and resource-intensive solution. While larger organizations often have the means to fund it, for many SMBs it can make it difficult to stay afloat. By outsourcing their IT services, businesses free up time and resources so that they can focus on providing high-value features and offerings to their customers.

With a managed IT service, an organization’s fixed costs are minimized, as additional costs associated with training, retention, and the like, can be avoided. Additionally, outsourced managed IT services mean 24/7 access to expert-level support when it’s needed to address a wide range of issues that can be costly -- especially server failures, downtime and cyberattacks.

Finally, managed IT service experts can implement automations in order to reduce the number of labor-intensive updates and installations that previously required manual work.  This saves time and money, and allows in-house staff to focus on their customers’ needs. Plus, a remote managed IT services team can help to alleviate some of the daily pressures placed on an organization’s team and ensure essential updates occur when they need to, without disrupting the operations or equipment.

Efficiency Means Focusing on What You Do Best

The shift towards greater specialization within many organizations is in large part based on an understanding that focusing on what you do best translates to greater efficiency in terms of operations and resources. Organizations that rely on the expertise of outsourced managed IT services are able to focus on providing greater value to their customers, while benefiting from sound and efficient IT services.

With a remote managed IT service team, an organization can see improvements in their efficiency immediately. Contracting a managed service provider (“MSP”) to even handle a single, routine task, such as specific software maintenance or anti-virus protection, allows an organization to allocate its resources to other areas. Time typically spent on staying on top of the technical details related to these standard responsibilities can be used more efficiently elsewhere.

As an MSP will have remote access to computers and key accounts, organizations can expect a faster response time, minimizing downtime. With industry-specific expertise, a managed IT service team can work through issues more quickly and effectively, allowing businesses to perform, remain productive, and service their customer's needs.

Managed IT Services For Cost-Saving and Efficiency Improvements

As organizations continue to focus their efforts on providing targeted features and offerings, while transitioning to a partial or fully remote work environment, it only makes sense to rely on the expertise of an MSP to see greater cost savings and efficiency improvements. 

For companies of any size -- but particularly for SMBs -- outsourced IT support is a cost-effective solution for boosting productivity and operational efficiency. Outsourcing allows organizations to focus on what they do best, while taking advantage of the expert knowledge and on-call resources of an outside IT team.

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